Trav’s Cleaning Service, Inc., was established in 1988 by James and Elizabeth Travaglini. Jim first learned the ins and outs of an industrial cleaning company from his dad, who also had a Cleaning Service. Jim worked for his dad during High School and college where he quickly learned the skills needed to run a successful business. This knowledge led Jim to start his own business, along with his wife, after he graduated from college. Jim and Liz started with one contract that they cleaned together and soon they were adding more and more clients. Their hard work ethic has helped to create an outstanding and reliable commercial cleaning company that provides top notch cleaning and janitorial services at competitive prices.

About the Owner  – Jim Travaglini

I was first introduced into the world of commercial office cleaning from my father, John. At first I just worked with my dad to earn money to help pay for college. This job soon led to a true interest in not only of providing clients with a clean workplace, but also with understanding the business side of running a business. I continue attending college and graduate from UMASS Lowell with a degree in Business Management.

After I graduated from UMASS I discovered there was a need for a reliable and competitive office cleaning company. My business started in Burlington, Massachusetts and we are now located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. We provide services from Southern New Hampshire and stretches in all directions in Eastern Massachusetts. My staff and I take great pride in providing this vital service to our region.

When I am not working I enjoying spending time with my family and friends. Liz and I have two adult children that are married and at one time both worked for Trav’s Cleaning. My parents have also worked for Trav’s Cleaning, truly a family run and operated business. In our spare time Liz and I love playing golf. Another passion of ours is being able to travel to visit our daughter in California, we really enjoy anywhere that it is warm!